The Association has so far focused mainly on four closely related core health programme i.e Tuberculosis, Malaria, Sexual & Reproductive Health, and Nutrition. Related to each of these four programmes the Association offer services in a broad range of cross-cutting areas .

i. Project Conception, Development and Implementation

·            Initial concept development

.            Project appraisal and planning

·           Project management

·           Monitoring and evaluation

·           Facilitation of workshops and conferences

·           Short and long term consultancy

ii. Health Programme and Services

·          Communicable disease control

.           Reproductive and child health

·           Primary Health Care Systems

·           Quality Hospital care delivery systems

·           Private sector health care delivery systems

iii. Research and Development

·           Design and conduct research projects

·           Getting research into policy practice

·           Institutional capacity building

·           Development of guidelines and training packages for managers and care providers