Intervention Control
Technical Assistance
Intervention Control

Integrated TB DOTS

    Technical Assistance

    • Developed provincial strategic plans (2011/12 – 2015/16) for TB control in five provinces of Pakistan.
    • Developed a national strategic plan 2009/10 – 2015/16 for New Stop TB strategy in Pakistan.
    • Hospital DOTS Linkage (HDL) interventions at public and private sector teaching hospitals in Punjab and KP
    • Assisted the Aga Khan Foundation to formulate their TB control projects for the sixth, eighth and ninth rounds of GFATM.
    • Developed a national and four provincial strategic plans 2003/4 – 2009/10 (DFID support).
    • Formulated province-specific strategic frameworks, and developed National Strategic Plan (2000/1 – 2004/5) for implementation of TB-DOTS in Pakistan (DFID support).
    • Formulated the “National Strategic Framework for Public-Private Partnership in TB control in Pakistan” (DFID support).
    • Formulated projects and developed proposals for the national program to seek bilateral donor funding from USAID and CIDA, as well as other sources e.g. FIDELIS, GFATM (R 1 – 5).
    • Designed and coordinated multiple small-scale operational research projects, through TB Knowledge Program, on key program issues including treatment support, introducing FDCs, diagnosing smear negative tuberculosis etc.
    • Assisted the Aga Khan Foundation, Pakistan Anti-TB Association and The Asia Foundation to formulate their TB and malaria control projects for second, third, fourth, and fifth rounds of GFATM.
    • Assisted the Malaria Control Program to develop and evaluate context-sensitive case management guidelines, recording/reporting and monitoring system and training materials for doctors and laboratory staff (GFATM R-2 and 7).
    • Assisted the National PHC and FP Program (LHW) and MNCH program to develop and evaluate interventions to address the first two delays to utilize EmONC services in Pakistan. The intervention developed and evaluated includes: mapping of birthing providers, structured birth planning, facilitated travel arrangements for EmONC services, and monitoring of birthing practices and outcomes.
    • Assisted the Malaria Control Program to revise/formulate the technical and operational strategies and prepare national strategic plan (2001 – 2005). Also evolve mechanisms for social marketing of impregnated bed nets through primary health care outlets in rural Islamabad (WHO assistance)
    • Developing provincial strategic plan (2017/18 – 2022/23) for Hepatitis control in the province of Punjab. The strategic planning exercise is being informed by the Program evaluation exercise (i.e. WHO/ CDC supported assignment)
    • Develop and process-evaluate the Hepatitis B vaccination intervention for selected at-risk groups. These groups include mainly: health care workers, neonates (zero doze), known Hepatitis C patients, and contacts of known Hepatitis B infected persons.
    • Assisted the Ministry of Health Pakistan to prepare country proposals for “The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria” (rounds 1 – 5).