Muhammad Amir Khan




Amir Khan is a leading public health professional with diverse experience in research, strategic planning, programme development, as well as implementation and management of projects/interventions. The range of his research work includes randomized controlled trial, policy reviews, prospective intervention studies, surveys, evaluation studies, qualitative studies, economic analysis, and stakeholder analysis. Many of the research work has already been published in peer reviewed journals including Lancet, Health Policy and Planning, IUATLD Journal, and Social Science Medicine. Currently he is coordinating a DFID supported five-year communicable disease research programme in Pakistan (April 2006- March 2011). The development experience includes: national and provincial level strategic planning, project formulation, development of interventions, systems and guidelines, as well as development of training materials for managers, care providers and communities. The management and project implementation experiences include: country director of rural health care delivery programme in three provinces of Pakistan (six years), multi-partner research activities with national disease control programmes, working linkages with overseas teaching institutions, and TB and malaria interventions in about fifty districts of Pakistan . Based on recognized performance in the field of public health, elected as a Chair of the IUATLD Health Systems Strengthening and TB Education Working Group (2001 – to date), Vice and then Chair of IUATLD TB Scientific Section (2003 - 2007), member of IUATLD Ethics Advisory Group (2003 - 2008), and member of Executive Board (2008 – to date). Since 2008, the University of Leeds has appointed him Senior Lecturer Public Health (honorary).

Dr. Nauman Safdar
MBBS, MMCH, MSc. (currently PhD in process)


Nauman Safdar is a public health professional with main expertise in project development, implementation and research. The project development experience includes conceptualizing interventions, estimating requirements, planning activities including time lines, developing protocols/materials, building consensus and writing up the proposal. He has also been a key member of the team responsible for developing guidelines and training materials for National TB and Malaria Control Programmes. As a Project Director he has managed three FIDELIS projects, worth more than US$:0.6 million, benefiting about 8,000 tuberculosis patients in 20 districts of Pakistan . Currently he is managing a GFTAM Round 7 supported malaria control project in four districts of Sindh. The coordination/liaison experience includes working with managers and operational officers of national and provincial health programmes and teaching institutions as well as international partners including technical bodies, donor agencies and teaching institutions. The research experience includes designing and conducting baselines, information need assessment, qualitative reviews, and publication in peer-reviewed journals. Currently he is completing his PhD in public health process, from the University of Bergen, Norway. His research work on programme interventions for childhood TB is based in Pakistan .

Dr. Raana Zahid

Raana Zahid is a public health professional, having 15 years of experience in service delivery, program development, management, training and research. The service delivery experience includes: provision of sexual and reproductive health services including MNCH and family planning in urban and rural settings, health talks in Mothers' clubs, screening patients in health camps in remote rural areas, managing referrals and contraceptive surgery at RHS-B centre. The management experience includes : project development, planning, resource management, monitoring, reporting and dissemination. The training experience includes: training health managers from public and private sector, LHW, LHV, teachers and field staff in reproductive health package, infection prevention, leadership, communication skills, team building, self awareness, Life Skills for adolescents and Health Rights of Women Assessment Instrument (HeRWAI). The experience in tool development includes: designing and pre testing training materials, developing a facilitator guide for field staff and Life Skills Curriculum for adolescents. The research experience includes policy analysis using HeRWAI, qualitative studies focused on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and women's health, intervention/project evaluations, political mapping, stakeholder analysis and data collection in a multi country survey. In 2002-03, was awarded fellowship of the Population Leadership Program of University of Washington (UW), Seattle , USA . Currently she is coordinating a DFID-RAF supported randomized controlled trial on interventions to address the “decision” and “access” delays to the emergency obstetric care in Pakistan .

Mukhtar Ali

Mukhtar Ali is a public health manager with main expertise and experience in managing hospitals, general health services, and health care projects. The hospital management experience includes more than six years of management at teaching and secondary level hospitals. The general health services management experience includes about eight years as district level health services manager (i.e. District Health Officer or Executive District Officer Health) in Punjab , and three years of management at Medical Stores Depot Punjab. The clinical experience includes about eighteen years of clinical work at public sector teaching and secondary hospitals and primary level health care facilities including five years with Pakistan Armed Forces and another five years in Iran . Other professional experiences include consultancy assignment for development partners in Pakistan . Currently Mukhtar Ali is coordinating the implementation of advocacy, communication and social mobilization interventions in seven selected districts of Punjab and Balochistan (GFTAM supported).

Omara Dogar
MBBS. MPH (Epid)

Ammara is a young qualified epidemiologist. Since 2010, she has been working with the trial unit of the Association. Her current responsibilities include: a) design and plan trials on various health care intervention(s), b) assist staff from other program units to design, collect and manage quantitative data sets from their respective research and/or implementation projects, c) assist to monitor implementation, and liaise with the respective programs and districts.

Nazia Shams
MSc. (anthropology)


Nazia Shams is a qualified anthropologist with research experience in health, education and rural development. Her research related experience/expertise encompasses literature review, research protocols development including pilot testing, qualitative data collection and processing, and report writing. In health she has been a key member of the team responsible for: a) designing, preparing and monitoring intervention for promoting ITNs in rural communities (GFATM R-3) and advocacy, communication and social mobilization for TB control (GFATM R-6), b) multi-method studies on treatment supporters, fixed dose combination drugs, enhanced program monitoring, external quality assurance of microscopy, and delivery of sexually transmitted diseases through PHC outlets. She has also been the key researcher in the ongoing qualitative research on TB related stigma, and a randomized controlled trial on tobacco cessation interventions. Her educational sector experience includes monitoring and evaluation of schools performance related to quality of training and education being offered at primary, secondary and higher level schools. In rural development, she has experience and expertise in issues related to gender and social sector dynamics.

Shaheer Ellahi
M.Sc (Anthropology) M.Phil (International Development Studies-thesis in progress )

Shaheer Ellahi is a young qualified anthropologist and currently completing his M.Phil IDS thesis. He has developed advocacy material for responsible behavior, sensitizing, train and inform about the sexually transmitted disease focusing on HIV/AIDS in collaboration with FHI, NACP, USAID, and SACHET, also worked with public/private media as prime researcher for rural development. His related experience/expertise encompass community health, education, training, literature review, qualitative data collection, interpretive analysis, report writing. He is currently associated with the trial unit of the association, his current responsibilities include: assist staff from other program units to develop tools, materials, collect and analyze qualitative data on various health care interventions. He also has academic experience and expertise in issues related to the rural indigenous healing methods, cultural ritual mechanism for spiritual healing and religious and regional taboos related with individual health.

Muhammad Arqam Siddiqui
MBA (Finance & HR)

Mr. Muhammad Arqam Siddiqui is qualified Finance & HR person, with area of expertise in budgeting, finance & accounts, conduction of internal audits, conducting and undertaking analytical reviews, identifying reviewing and evaluating audit evidences, financial reporting to donors, financial policies and procedures & human resource management, for more than 15 years experience of working at various levels in different organizations. He had an extensive experience of external audits in different organizations during his tenure of ICAP articles of 4 years, has also attained member ship from Institute of Internal audit ( USA ) in year 2004, also attained MBA degrees in Finance & Human Resource. He had been working in different managerial capacities for more than 12 years in APPNA SEHAT, which is subsidiary of Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America.

Muhammad Shafaat Hussain
B.Com., MBA.


Muhammad Shafaat Hussain is an experienced finance and administration professional. He has extensive experience in manufacturing (textile) industry and non-government organizations, especially working in health and education sectors. His accounting responsibilities include: preparing and maintaining books of accounts, preparing financial statements, interacting with external auditors, and preparing projects reports for the management/donors. He has an experience of preparing and monitoring budgets, as per donor requirements including GFATM, GAIN and FIDELIS. His general management experience includes: managing office operations, arranging national and provincial workshops and seminars, and coordinating visits of international missions. He also liaises with government departments and financial institutions for day-to-day activities and transactions.  

Anbreen Shahid



Anbreen Shahid has experience mainly in communication and research. She has been managing organizational correspondence with national and provincial programmes, international partners (including IUATLD, Nuffield Institute for Health etc.), and support agencies (including DFID, FIDELIS etc.). Furthermore, she has been a member of the team responsible for preparing annual reports of the Association. The research experience includes her involvement in design and conduct of about six qualitative and quantitative studies carried out in the last two years.  She has also written a number of articles, on current national and international issues, in the national newspaper.