Our History

Since 1995, the Association for Social Development (ASD) has been working as a registered not for profit organisation in Pakistan. The organisation has been contributing towards enhancing and scaling of multiple interventions (non) communicable diseases and maternal child health care intervention. Our scope of work can be broadly categorized into:

  • Research for Better Health/ Social Care interventions
  • Development of Programs, interventions and implementation support systems.
  • Scale up of interventions for enhanced social impact

The international recognition of our contributions to public health includes:

  • Karel Styblo Prize, 2010.
  • Princess Chichibu Memorial TB Global Award, 2018.

Our Mission

To improve the social well-being of poor and less advantaged people by developing, implementing, evaluating and expanding the interventions for enhanced effectiveness, access and utilization of healthcare and social services.

Our Objectives

  • Foster scientific development and capacity building in the field of public health services and programs, education, environment and community development
  • Design, plan and conduct research to identify effective and feasible strategies for health and social services systems within low resource situations.
  • Get the research findings into policy and practice by developing guidelines, tools, training materials for managers and healthcare/service providers.
  • Technical support to government and other agencies for designing, planning, implementing and evaluating the healthcare/social services programmes and projects.
  • Develop and disseminate models of collaboration between public and private sector partners.