TB Reach Wave 7 (October 2019 – March 2021)

TB Reach Wave 7 (October 2019 – March 2021)

“Enhanced urban TB care, in thirteen districts of Pakistan, by linking the private clinics and laboratories with three types of private allied providers and women vocational training opportunities”.

Develop, implement and evaluate (through method-mix approach) a potentially scalable intervention, in thirteen districts, to link private laboratories (70) and clinics (400) with: a) three types of allied private providers (i.e. pharmacy, hakim/ homeopath, birth attendant) for an enhanced referral of TB symptomatic; and b) vocational training centers to build capacity of treated women patients.

  • Location:13 Districts of Punjab, Pakistan
  • Duration: October 2019 – March 2021
  • Funded by: StopTBPartnership TB Reach Wave 7 Grant


  • Activities:
  • Map, select, engage and support 3 types of allied providers (Pharmacies, Hakeem/Homeopath & Skilled Birth Attendants) to identify and refer TB symptomatic individuals for free TB Testing
  • Build a tailor-made IT application to link the symptom-screening (by allied providers) and TB care (at private health care outlets).
  • Orient 1300 selected allied providers on symptom-screening and care-linking protocols; also provide each allied provider an access to a tailor-made IT application.
  • Symptom screen 150,00,00 people through allied providers
  • Refer 40,000 suspects for TB Smear testing on PPM Labs
  • Smear test 30,000 suspects at PPM Labs
  • Identify 1100 TB patients and enroll in TB care
  • Enroll 400 female treated TB patients in 26 women vocational training centers


  • Outputs:
  • 1300 allied private providers engaged (pharmacies, hakim/homeopath, birth attendant)
  • Symptom screen 1.5 million people; and refer 30,000 for AFB testing
  • Expected additional cases 1100
  • 26 women vocational training centers engaged
  • 400 treated women (patients) get trained on potentially marketable skills

A tailor-made potentially replicable IT application developed to link with allied providers (for enhanced case finding) and vocational centers (for enhanced skills)